9 Best Fireclay Farmhouse Sinks of 2022 Review

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Need help with designing your new kitchen? Regardless if you’re renovating or building from the ground up, the best fireclay farmhouse sink might just be what you’re looking for.

A farmhouse kitchen sink made of genuine fireclay can amplify the value of your entire kitchen. It brings with it the beauty of the old-world, which will look stunning both in traditional and modern kitchens.

Because of its timeless appeal, there’s no doubt that you will come across a long list of choices. If what you’re after is expert advice, though, we’ve got your back. This article features fireclay farmhouse sink reviews of the best options.

From a sea of choices, we have carefully selected these top-rated farmhouse kitchen sinks for their excellent craftsmanship, durability, budget-friendliness, and more. Let’s take a close look at what each one offers to find the best match for your kitchen.

Our Favorite Picks Compared:

Best Fireclay Farmhouse Sink of 2022

The market offers hundreds of farmhouse-style sinks made of fireclay, but it’s up to you to decide which will fit the requirements of your kitchen. The following reviews will show you the top fireclay farmhouse sinks available. Pick the one that can satisfy all your design preferences and practical needs.

1. Kraus Turino 33-inch Fireclay Farmhouse-Style Sink

We all know that nothing beats age-old 100% Italian artisan craftsmanship. If you want that excellence in your kitchen, get the Kraus Turino 33-inch Fireclay Farmhouse-Style Sink. It does not only bring beauty; it also delivers excellent durability and functionality.

This sink will never warp, chip, crack, nor craze during the entirety of its very long lifespan. In fact, you may already be redoing your kitchen and still opt to retain this sink after several renovations.

This sink has two installation options. Choose between a round-edged surface and a flat edgy one as the sink’s front during installation. Whichever side you pick, you will have the same sloped bottom directed to the central drain. The spacious single bowl with straight sidewalls and tightly rounded corners can fit oversized pots and pans.

Unlike other hollow-cored ceramic sinks that easily crack and break, the Kraus Turino boasts solid core build. This makes it extremely durable and easily stand up to heavy use and accidental impacts. It also has a solid color, which is applied all the way through to prevent fading and discoloration even when used heavily or exposed to sunlight.

The Kraus Turino has a high-gloss enamel finish that is applied using cutting-edge glazing technology. This technology uses high heats of 2,300 degrees Fahrenheit to make the finish extra-thick, stain-resistant, and effortless to maintain. Together with the solid construction, the glazing offers unmatched sturdiness and protection against stains and scratches.


  • Will not warp, chip, crack, or craze
  • Naturally absorbs sound
  • Highly resistant to scratches
  • Glaze finish will not stain or turn yellow over time
  • Reversible design


  • Slightly more expensive than other same-sized fireclay sinks

2. Houzer 33-inch Apron-Front Single Bowl Fireclay Kitchen Sink

With already 70 years of experience under its name, it’s clear to see why Houzer is among the leading brands when it comes to handcrafted fireclay sinks. Houzer uses the most advanced clay injection molding technology combined with tried and tested hand-worked craftsmanship in making sinks.

Houzer sinks are fired at 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 20 hours to achieve maximum strength and a distinctive, beautiful finish. Skillfully handcrafted in Israel, you will find that Houzer sinks have a steady source of pure organic fireclay.

The Houzer 33-inch Fireclay Farmhouse-Style Kitchen Sink is made of 100% organic white fireclay. It is a white, single-bowl sink with a flat, smooth front, making it easily stand out in any traditional or contemporary kitchen.

The interior corners have a modern smooth radius, and its non-porous semi-glossy surface is effortless to clean. This sink resists stains, chips, cracks, and scratches, and it has a guaranteed lifetime warranty.

Made of solid one-inch thick fireclay all around and weighing about 115 pounds, it boasts high durability that will last for a very long time. This sink measures 33 x 20 x 10 inches outside, and it has a spacious interior with a depth of 9.25 inches. This apron-front farmhouse sink requires a minimum 36-inch carrying cabinet for installation.


  • 100% organic fireclay material
  • Guaranteed lifetime warranty
  • High-tech molding injection
  • Smooth, glossy finish
  • Contemporary design
  • Certified by ICC-ES PMG


  • Sink drain assembly and accessories sold separately

3. Bocchi Classico 30 Apron-Front Single Bowl Fireclay Kitchen Sink

The Bocchi Classico 30 Apron-Front Kitchen Sink can bring the ultimate classic white look into your kitchen. Made with 100% naturally organic and recyclable white fireclay, this sink uses the centuries-old craftsmanship of artisans to bring a timeless piece into the heart of your home.

Each Bocchi Classico 30 sink is exclusively injected into molds using high-pressure casting. It is then hand-shaped to achieve a unique look, unlike any other. Extremely durable after high firing in a kiln, the Bocchi Classico 30 can withstand high heats from the base of cooking pots and pans. This impressive durability also attributes to impact resistance.

This sink’s fused special glaze coating makes the surface highly non-porous, stain-resistant, and scratch-proof. What’s more, it uses the CleanPlus+ Technology to create a hydrophobic effect on the sink’s surface. This makes it absolutely safe for food and easy to clean and maintain.

Compared to the Houzer sink earlier, this Bocchi sink requires a slightly smaller cabinet size of 33 inches. Still, weighing just 77 pounds, you can trust that this sink can be installed relatively easily.


  • Very affordable
  • Exclusive high-pressure casting
  • Extreme resistance to discoloration and abrasion
  • Impact-resistant
  • Food-safe CleanPlus+ Technology
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Includes drain strainer and removable bottom grid


  • No issues

4. Ruvati Fiamma 30-inch Single Bowl Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

You know what will take your kitchen to the next level? A fireclay sink handmade in Italy! The Ruvati Fiamma is handcrafted by highly skilled artisans who have developed mastery over multiple generations. Like any other Italian name, Ruvati brings art and form to your kitchen with its exceptional fireclay sinks.

Ruvati fireclay sinks are made by fusing natural white clay and an enamel glaze through firing at an extremely high temperature of 2,900 degrees Fahrenheit. This goes on for at least 28 hours. What this process does is ensure that the sink develops outstanding strength and durability. In turn, you get a sink that can completely resist chipping, cracking, and staining.

With these processes, Ruvati sinks are highly resistant to high temperatures, hot water, acids, and common household chemicals, too. This also makes the Ruvati Fiamma farmhouse kitchen sink a better choice than cast iron alternatives, which have surfaces that easily chip or crack.

For more utility, the Ruvati Fiamma 30-inch farmhouse sink has an offset drain positioned on the left side from a sloping bottom. This promotes perfect water drainage and provides more functional space underneath the sink. With its nine-inch depth, the sink can hold stacks of dishes and large pots without exposing clutter above the countertop.


  • Meticulously handcrafted in Italy
  • More space underneath
  • Perfect drainage
  • Plenty of usable space
  • Smooth glossy finish on every surface
  • Includes drain assembly


  • Purchase stainless steel bottom grid separately

5. Elkay 30-inch Single Bowl Fireclay Farmhouse-Style Sink

Love white cabinets and white countertops? If so, consider accentuating your kitchen sink over these white finishes. The Elkay 30-inch sink will be an outstanding centerpiece for any white-themed kitchen or any colored kitchen nonetheless.

Its farmhouse design has an extended apron front and can be reversible. You can choose between a traditional flat and smooth surface and a surface with a decorative band feature near the brim.

Smooth all throughout, you will notice that this sink is handcrafted from a very fine fireclay fired at high temperatures to make it last very long. In addition, the surface resists scratches and stains and requires minimal maintenance.

The gray color of the Elkay 30-inch sink makes it carry a timeless style that has both beauty and durability. Since gray is a neutral color, you can easily match it with any cabinet or countertop color. It will either still stand out or meticulously blend it into a starkly gray countertop. Indeed, creating a wonderful experience for your guests just got easier thanks to this eye-catching kitchen centerpiece.

Like any other fireclay sink, it is very functional, too. It easily drains water and washed dirt, thanks to the hand-molded, smooth, slightly-sloped surface. Any soft cloth should be enough for cleaning after every use.


  • Uses standard size drain fittings
  • Extra-deep bowl with center drain
  • Gives uninterrupted space
  • Sturdy, long-lasting fireclay construction
  • The material blocks noise from any garbage disposal unit
  • Special attractive gray color


  • Drain fittings sold separately
  • Pricier than other single-bowl sinks

6. Latoscana 33-inch Reversible Single Bowl Fireclay Farmhouse Sink

Also handmade in Italy, the Latoscana 33-inch sink features reversible installation. You will have the choice between a classic flat and smooth surface and an elegantly fluted side for an apron front. Any of these two frontage options will undoubtedly increase your rustic vintage or contemporary kitchen’s aesthetic value.

The fireclay used to make this sink is also extremely durable because of firing at extremely high temperatures, often over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This process permanently fuses the glazing for a glossy, easy-to-clean surface.

The Latoscana 33-inch farmhouse sink has extra-thick walls measuring 1-3/8 of an inch. As such, you can expect it to be exceptionally resistant to stains and scratches. This means you trust that there will be no discoloration from household chemicals or damage from impact.

When it comes to installation, you can mount this 33-inch sink over a 36-inch cabinet support. Its size is ideal for any standard-sized kitchen, providing ample sink space for large pots and pans while at the same time not reducing so much counter space. Its 3.5-inch central drain hole accommodates any garbage disposal unit for any kitchen.

The bowl of the Latoscana sink is precisely handcrafted to have sloping interior sides. The bottom also slopes gently towards the central drain. With this combo, you can efficiently drain any liquid or food waste, rinse with a little bit of water, and wipe the sink clean with a piece of cloth.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Ideal size for any kitchen
  • Three-year warranty
  • Easy to wipe clean white finish
  • Limited lifetime manufacturer warranty


  • Minimal damage problems upon delivery

7. Kichae 50/50 Double Bowl 33-inch Fireclay Farm Kitchen Sink

If you would rather choose to have a double bowl for a sink, this product from Kichae is what you need. This 33-inch sink is divided across the center for multifunctional use. With this, you will find no problems simultaneously washing out dirt from fresh produce in one basin and clearing out used pots and pans in the other. Each basin has its own central drain hole, and the whole package includes two drain assemblies and two stainless steel bottom grid strainers.

The Kichae 50/50 fireclay sink can be installed on either long side, reversible whenever you want to change the sink’s appearance. This means you can decide how you like this sink to be installed—scroll design finish on one side and multiple-pleated pattern on another side. Depending on your style and preferences, choose the side for a lasting impression.

More than its looks, this elegant white sink boasts long-lasting and efficient performance. You can enjoy its beauty and perfect functionality for years to come. Choose a drain hole to fit a garbage disposal unit or fit one in both drains. You won’t hear much noise, too, as this sink silences the sound vibrations coming from underneath it.

Furthermore, keeping this sink clean is effortless. Easily drain liquids with its extra-smooth surface and wipe it clean with a piece of cloth. It won’t discolor or develop stains, and it can withstand any untoward reaction to common household chemicals.

This sink requires a minimum cabinet size of 36 inches for installation. It weighs 84.8 pounds, making it lighter than other double-bowl fireclay sinks. This means it will not require not as much cabinet support underneath.


  • Multi-function double sink
  • Reversible installation
  • Easy-clean glossy white finish
  • Extremely durable fireclay material
  • Stain-resistant glazing
  • Three-month hassle-free return or money-back guarantee


  • Requires wye connection for two drains

8. Alwen 33-inch Reversible Single Bowl Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Another option for a white single-basin sink is this fireclay farmhouse kitchen sink from Alwen. It has the ideal 33-inch size, making it very spacious for food preparations and cleaning after cooking.

The fireclay used in making this sink is fused with glazing at 2,900 degrees Fahrenheit for permanent bonding. This process makes this sink highly heat-resistant to pots and pans freshly removed from the cooktop or the oven.

The Alwen 33-inch single-bowl fireclay sink is also reversible. For more long-lasting use without any visible scratches or abrasions in the front, reverse the sink’s installation with the same smooth finish on either of the two long sides. Then again, you won’t even have to do this after many years of use. This is because this sink is very durable, and the smooth and non-porous glazed surface resists all stains from solid or liquid sources. It will remain elegantly shiny just by wiping; no special chemicals are needed.

You can always keep the natural country kitchen charm with this Alwen sink’s apron-front design. No matter what countertop or cabinet finish you pair with this sink, it will stay as the elegant centerpiece of your kitchen. After all, we all know white goes with anything.

The Alwen 33-inch rectangular sink boasts good craftsmanship with its straight handmade edges. Only the best sinks pass the stringent quality control and inspections in the Alwen factory. Every purchase of this sink includes free accessories—a stainless steel basket strainer with drain assembly and a stainless steel bottom grid. This protects the bottom of the sink from scratches during general daily use.


  • Accessories included (drain assembly and bottom grid)
  • Very easy to clean
  • Handmade but straight-edged
  • Ideal 33-inch wide size
  • Flat smooth front no logos


  • Some reports of having stains even when fresh out of the box

9. Barclay 30-inch Single Bowl Fireclay Farmer Sink

If you need a smaller fireclay sink, check out the charming Barclay 30-inch Single Bowl Farmer Sink. Unlike its counterparts, the Barclay farmer sink is glazed on all sides, making it ideal for both standard counter or island exposed installations. Constructed with fine fireclay, this sink is very beautiful and highly durable. It also has an attractive apron front to help your kitchen achieve a country-style appeal.

The drain hole is offset at the right-side for a more contemporary look. Apart from that, it allows for a single draining direction. This makes the sink’s design relatively flat in the bottom but gently slopes towards the offset drain. The drain hole does not require any adapters or flange extensions for any standard garbage disposal unit.

Measuring 29.75 x 17.5 x 10 inches, this farmer sink’s rectangular shape looks and feels very sturdy. At the same time, it also appears cozy because of its very smooth, hand-applied glazing finish. It has a uniform, solid, and thick volume all throughout, making it very durable on all sides. If you want a very simple yet elegant sink that is eye-catching when partnered with any kitchen design, consider the Barclay 30-inch sink.


  • Comes with a one-year limited warranty
  • Offset drain for a flat-looking sink bottom
  • Glazed all around for exposed installation on all sides
  • Install on a wall counter or island setup
  • Flange extension not needed


  • Slightly shallower than other sinks in this list

What Is Fireclay?

Fireclay is what you will get when glazing is fused together with hard, porous molded clay using extremely high temperatures. After firing in a kiln with these high temperatures (which can go as high as 2,900 degrees Fahrenheit), the fused material turns into a really durable ceramic with almost the same properties as enameled cast iron.

Fireclay vs Cast Iron Sinks

First off, enameled cast iron sinks are much heavier than same-sized fireclay sinks. The installation of fireclay sinks requires fewer people and reduced underside structural support for the base cabinet.

Another reason to choose fireclay instead of cast iron is that maintenance and cleaning are easier with fireclay sinks. To maintain the enamel surface of any cast iron sink, you may require special chemicals. The use of incompatible substances can damage the enamel.

Finally, solid fireclay sinks have the same color shade through and through, unlike cast iron sinks, where rust can form when the enamel finish wears off or gets scratched.

How Are Fireclay Sinks Made?

To make the best authentic fireclay sinks, manufacturers look for the purest kaolinite from quarries worldwide. There are many places where white clay can be found. Major producers of the purest of this raw white clay mineral can be found in Italy, France, and Israel.

Upon the arrival of fine white clay in manufacturing facilities, it gets thoroughly combined with filtered water in industrial churners. Lower moisture levels are maintained during this mixing process as compared to making traditional clay.

This low-moisture clay is then manually pressed into molds in which the material stays for at least two whole days. After this, the sinks are carefully removed from the molds and then shaped by hand using very old clay-working techniques.

After achieving the product’s final shape, the whole sink is placed in a kiln under a low fire to make it very hard and somewhat porous. This part of the process prepares the sink for glazing. Before firing in the kiln at very high temperatures of up to 2,900 degrees Fahrenheit, a glassy enamel glaze is hand-applied for an even surface. Heating the sink at these high temperatures fuses the glaze onto the clay to create glossy, impervious, and durable fireclay.


The best fireclay farmhouse sink is an excellent alternative to enameled cast iron or ceramic hollow-core versions of the farmhouse prototype. They are relatively easier to maintain, more durable, and less expensive than the sinks made with other materials. Also, they can provide the country-style look you’ve been longing to achieve in your kitchen.

You can choose to have the reversible type of farmhouse sink for a more flexible installation. And you will also have the option to select between smaller 30-inch sinks or the more ideal and spacious 33-inch sinks. Another decision you will have to make is to opt between single and double basin variations of the fireclay sink.

With the selection above, we’re confident that you will find the right sink that will match the demands of your kitchen—both practically and aesthetically.