How to Choose a Farmhouse Sink

How to Choose the right Farmhouse Sink

When you are remodeling your house or building a new one, one of the most important items you can choose in your kitchen is a sink.  In addition to considering the kitchen sink materials that you choose, you need to have a farmhouse sink that suits your kitchen and the home in general. There are several factors that you should consider.

Things to Consider

When you are considering purchasing a farmhouse sink whether it is for laundry or for your kitchen, you need to decide what you will use it for, you have sufficient space, it fits your home’s style and it will meet your requirements. As a matter of fact, this is the only way that you will get the ideal sink for your needs.

Farmhouse Sink

Decide How You Want it mounted

The way that the sink will be mounted plays a role in how easy it is to clean the counter and the sink itself. As you clean the counter, it’s easy to wipe the dirt right into the sink. For this reason, you should choose an under mount farmhouse sink.

Consider the Space

Farmhouse sinks are relatively large in size and deep thus they will definitely take up more space than the traditional sinks. The cabinetry should be wide and in addition to this, you should leave some space below the sink. Depending on the space of your cabinetry, you can choose the right fit for your apron front sink from 20 to 60 inches.

Choose the Material and the Finish

The good thing about farmhouse sinks is that they come in varieties of colors. You need to match the theme of your kitchen. Choosing the right material is equally important as you do not want to go back to the drawing board with a substandard kitchen sink. If you are looking for the standard style, a fireclay sink would be a great option. There are plenty of details that you can choose from such as the edge and the front.

Consider Your Budget

If you have limited funds, you definitely have a budget that you want to work with. The wisest thing to do is to shop around and not settle for the first farmhouse sink that you see. When you look around, you will be open for ideas as you get to see varieties of colors and different prices to match your budget. On top of that, you will be satisfied as you have taken time to find a sink that matches your requirements.

Decide whether you want A Double Bowl or Single Bowl Apron Front Sink

If you know how it feels to have two basins for a sink, you may not be comfortable using a single one. For a farmhouse sink, you need to consider whether you want a double bowl or a single bowl kitchen sink. There are also others that come with a third bowl. Deciding on this can be a daunting task and whichever side of the fence you stand in, there are advantages and disadvantages. You might find that a double sink is a bit small for your use.

How to Choose a Farmhouse Sink

  • Why Consider a Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

If you have large items in your kitchen especially pans and pots, a single bowl kitchen farmhouse would be a great option. You can fill the sink with water and these pots will fit in well making it possible to clean them thoroughly without struggling.

  • Reasons to Opt for a Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

If you are the kind of person that ‘cleans as you go’ a double bowl kitchen sink with drain board would be an excellent option. You can clean your utensils as you prepare your food. You can also use one bowl to wash dirty utensils and the other one for rinsing them.

Consider How You Want the Sink Installed

You have options when it comes to the installation and this is something that you need to consider beforehand. After all you do not want to be frustrated by a wrong installation. Have an idea of how much you want the farmhouse sink to project in front and above the counter. An under mount sink, drop-in or integral are the options that you have when it comes to protruding above.

Why Choose a Farmhouse Sink

Whether its acrylic kitchen sinks or Porcelain-Enameled Cast Iron Sinks, you will not run out of options for your farmhouse sinks. Not counting the different materials to choose from, they come in different sizes, colors, designs and even different bowl configurations. They will hold an ample amount of water as you wash your dishes and are large enough to hold big pots and pans.

  • They are Comfortable

Spending a lot of time at the sink is tiring and what sets farmhouse sinks apart is the fact that they are ergonomic meaning you will be comfortable when using them. Although the sink is deep and you have to adjust your posture if you are used to the “normal” sinks, you will not have to bend too much and you will be closer to the sink considering that you have options on how you want the front to be.

  • Consider Proper Bracing

When installing farmhouse sinks, more care is needed as they require proper bracing. This will be determined by the weight of the apron front sink that you choose and also the dimensions. It is paramount that you work with a professional who will guide you on this. There are farmhouse sinks that are quite heavy meaning that the framework around the sink must be bolstered.

Farmhouse sinks are large, sturdy and appealing thus they will transform the looks of your kitchen in a significant way. When you choose the sink that you want, these are some of the important factors that you should consider. You will be spoilt for choice as you can go for a top-Mount, drop-In, or Self-Rimming Sink. It is critical that you choose your farmhouse sink wisely. If chosen wisely, the sink will serve you for a long time to come.