How to Wash Dishes in a Farmhouse Sink

In the modern world, farmhouse sinks otherwise known as Belfast or apron-front sinks have become quite popular for various reasons. They were initially used in farmhouses but they have gained popularity in the modern world. One good thing about Farmhouse sink that could be either in the double or single bowl kitchen sink is that they could be mounted in your laundry or kitchen. They are large meaning they will hold a lot of dishes and they are also deeper which is convenient for you.

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Why You Need to Learn Washing Dishes in a Farmhouse Sink

Washing dishes in a farmhouse is a challenge to new owners. Too much water spray from the faucet, not having a separate area to rinse and breaking dishes are the main challenges of using a farmhouse sink but the good thing is there is a solution to this. All you need is to learn how to wash your dishes in this sink also known as a butler.

The Best Process to Wash Your Dishes

The process that you use to wash the dishes determines how much time you spend to handle the task, how much water you use and the amount of water that will spill. It is of great significance that you use the right process to save time, water and effort.

  • The first thing to do is to sort out the dishes before you can stack them into the sink. You do not want to damage the sink, dishes or get injuries from wrongly positioned cutlery. You may have sharp utensils together, plates, pots, and cups together meaning sets are separated. This will even make your work easier.
  • Wash each dish on its own, have the faucet low to wash and rinse. Ensure that you do not have the tap on when not in use so as to save water. You can actually save on your dishwashing detergent by spilling the soap froth on the dirty dishes. Once you are done with a set of dishes, you can place the next set in the farmhouse sink.
  • This is not a drainboard sink, thus as you rinse you should place the dishes on a microfiber mat to dry.
  • Reduce Stacking of Dishes

Farmhouse sinks are large and deep thus on many occasions, you will be tempted to fill them with soapy dishes. This can lead to the breaking of some of them. To avoid this, you can keep the faucet running low rather than big sprays. Wash and rinse the dishes as they come or one by one. Alternatively, since the sinks are bigger than the traditional ones, you can put two big containers in the sink, one for washing and the other one for rinsing.

  • Avoid Water Spray

Despite your efforts not to spray water around the sink and on yourself, with this sink, you will have to deal with it. Unlike the integrated sinks, these kinds of sinks do not have edges. To ensure that you avoid water spattering much and not getting wet, it’s advisable that you put the faucet on low when spraying or use stream, wear an apron and have an absorbent floor mat.

  • Have a Drying Zone

Whether it is top mount or undermount sinks, one should have a drying zone. Farmhouse sinks have a single deep basin, unlike the conventional sinks that have two compartments. The best thing is to designate a drying zone on the counter area so that the dishes can be dried as you go about washing and rinsing the dirty ones. You can place microfiber mats to place the dishes.

  • Pay Close Attention When Doing the Dishes

Dishes can be broken and the sink damaged when attention is not paid when washing the dishes. The fact that the basin is deep and the sink does not have edges, it’s easy for dishware and glasses to fall off the counter or hands and hit the bottom hard. As you clean the dishes, it’s paramount that you pay more attention to the task at hand and where you place the dishes.

Besides breaking dishes when you stack all of them together in the sink, you could end up getting injured from wrong-pointing knives and forks among other cutleries.

  • Handle with Care

Farm sinks are made mainly from durable materials meaning that you do not have to worry about replacing them from time to time. Besides a fireclay sink, you could opt for other materials. Some of these materials are prone to scratches and marks thus when doing the dishes, you should handle them with care. This will prevent them from slipping off your hands, hitting the solid surface and putting scratches or dents.

  • Be in the Right Posture

Despite the minutes you spend doing the dishes being few, there is a possibility that this may hurt your lower back. The reason is that farmhouse sinks are deeper and you will bend further than usual especially if you are tall. The most important thing to do is to adjust your posture until you are comfortable.

Preventing Dirt Pile Up on the Farmhouse Sink

At times, dirt seems to pile up on your stainless steel sink when the food remnants in the pots and plates are not cleared. As you wash your dishes, you need to bin these remnants to reduce the amount of dirt that will pile up on the sink. Since these are mainly under mount sinks, it will be easier to clean the dirt and water spilt on the counter with ease.

There are various kitchen sink materials that you can choose from. Washing dishes in a farm sink is pretty easy and can be fun when you know how to go about it. They give you large space where you can stack large pots and fill water to have a thorough cleaning without running out of water. Even when there is no water on the tap, you can use a bucket to fill in the sink.