what is the best material for a kitchen sink | the complete Buyers Guide

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Choosing the right material for your kitchen sink is a matter of great responsibility. We found the issue relevant and so here we have listed the most popular materials with a details description of each.

Types of Kitchen Sinks

There is various type of kitchen sink available in the market, some popular sink type explains here.

Stainless Steel Sink

Stainless Steel Sink

It is one of the most excellent materials for a kitchen sink. It is both stain and heat resistant, thus long-lasting. Besides, the material offers you outstanding finishing and options for style as well. Moreover, it will be a fantastic choice for decoration.

But stainless steel will not be a good choice for you if you can’t avoid scratching. The material shows the fingerprints and watermarks noticeably. Additionally, you need to install sound absorbing pads to get rid of the annoying noise of the water. You can find the material available in different thickness that decides the cost. In general, you are to spend $100 to $600, which is quite reasonable. to know more about stainless still, please go Wikipedia

Composite granite sink (Stone / Marble Sinks)

Composite granite sink

When you are crazy for the look of a granite sink, but price stands on the way, you can go for composite granite sink. It is an artificial human-made version of granite that exactly looks like the real one. As it is a replica, so it does not mean that it lacks all the inner qualities of the real granite. In real, composite granite sink withstands the reaction of the household acids. It is also resistant to scratching, chipping and heat.

The material needs a bit more regular basis maintenance as it is susceptible to several kinds of stains. Then, it is available only in matte finishes. Even after having such great qualities with minimum problematic issues, its price remains between $250 and $550.

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Copper Sink / Metal Sinks

Copper is also a very fabulous material for the sink. It is flexible enough to take any shape effortlessly. If you are looking for such a material, which is not only durable but also superior in visualization, you should not avoid copper. The color of this material flourishes over time. Besides, the surface is anti-bacterial and simply living. These features have made the copper excellent material.

Despite having such fabulous traits, the copper patina easily gets affected by heat, acids and washing chemicals. Therefore, you require to maintain the sink regularly. Moreover, stability depends on the thickness that costs more. But on average $500 to $1200 is reasonable for the purchasing of a copper sink.

Cast Iron Sink

Cast iron sink is the ideal material for you to bring a classic look to your kitchen. You might be worried about iron’s prone to corrosion nature. But, you will be delighted to know that the day of corrosive iron has been over. Nowadays, you can get enamel coated iron alloy, which is 100% corrosion resistant. In short, the sink can offer you a lifetime service. Moreover, the material comes in multiple styles and colors.

Cast iron requires modifications of your cabinetry as it is heavier than many other materials. It absorbs heat to a great extent and prone to scratch as well. However, the cost is quite less, which is between $300 and $900.

Solid surface sink

If you want to give your kitchen the look of natural stone or quartz but do not feel attachment for those materials, solid surface sink can be the best option for you. The material is entirely classic in softness, color, and shape. It is lightweight, and so the installation of it does not require any cabinetry modification. Furthermore, it is heat resistant and easy to clean.

The material inclines to scratches and cannot hide those. Additionally, its durability depends on style and color, so you must be more careful. The cost of per sq./ft. Starts from $50.

Soapstone sink

Soapstone is the ideal material for you if you are interested in doing scientific experiments in your house. The reason is soapstone is such a quality material that it is non-reactive to chemical action, anti-bacterial and non-prone to stain. The material is also unique as no soapstone sink matches another. For these reasons, the material is the most preferred to the group of scientists, and so they widely use it in the laboratory.

Nothing can be 100% pure,  but soapstone sink is acceptable. The sink material is quite susceptible to scratches. Also, over time, it produces a patina. Moreover, the sink never comes within little or medium budget. Its starting price is $1000.

Quartz sink

Quartz is a fantastic choice for the kitchen sink that comes in multiple styles. The sink material is nice to see and reflects light more than any other material. It is a tough material that assures long time usability. Besides, it offers a soft feeling and hides the nicks and scratches. Moreover, Quartz is non-porous, so no risk of stains left.

As Quartz is a hard material, it absorbs heat to a great extent. Above all, it costs high, which is $800 to $1200.

Porcelain Sink

The material is quite similar to the ‘Enameled cast iron sink’ because it is also coated after fabrication. Baked-on porcelain is basically used as the coat. Porcelain is thick enough to ensure durability. The sink material is a pure classic in style, which is also heat resistant. Most interestingly, it is ideal for rural, country and farmhouse kitchen.

The porcelain sink is quite heavier and so requires extra space for installation. Besides, porcelain is susceptible to scratches and chipping. You need to spend $250 to $2000 to have a porcelain sink.

Fireclay Sink

It is one of the least acquainted sink materials. The material provides you with a solid character. It is perfect for the farmhouse designed sinks. Besides, if you are looking for a heavy and probably an imperishable sink material, fireclay is the best option for you. The sink is non-reactive to acids or related chemicals. It is also scratch, stain and chip resistant.

As it is a heavy material made the sink, thus particular cabinet construction and support are required. In addition, the faucet options are limited in it. Whatever the sink material needs you to spend $450 to $1000.

Kitchen Sink Styles

Remarkably, kitchen sinks come in a variety of options and configurations. Perfectly setup is the main fact to consider as you look at different types of sinks.

  • Farmhouse sinks or Apron-front

  • Undermount kitchen sinks

  • Top-Mount, Drop-In or Self-Rimming Sink

In addition to the Sink installing system, the basin configuration is also a vital factor to consider while buying a kitchen sink.

  • Double Basin/Bowl Sink

  • Single Basin/Bowl Sink

  • Integrated Sink

  • Corner Sink

  • Low Divider Double Basin Sink

  • Drainboard Sink

  • Island, Bar, Prep or Vegetable Sinks

  • Deep-Bowl Sinks

  • Oversize Sinks

How to choose the best material for the kitchen sink


Final Words

In the end, it is seen that the choice of the best material for the kitchen sink is a tough process. It requires much knowledge over different materials and in-depth analysis skill. However, we hope if you take our comparison seriously and use it while picking your sink material, you will feel pleased finding that the perfect one is in your kitchen.